5D Spectrum

During my tenure as a Technical/Design Intern at 5D Spectrum, I assisted clients in their business growth through the power of design. Working closely with the Creative Director, I contributed to the creation of visually compelling solutions that helped elevate brand identities and enhance overall brand recognition.

My responsibilities involved developing comprehensive style guides for clients, offering valuable guidelines to maintain consistency in their branding efforts. By ensuring that each brand element was harmoniously aligned, I helped clients establish a strong and recognizable visual presence in their respective markets.

Beyond style guides, I also played a crucial role in adapting designs and media for diverse applications, including print ads, web layouts, and mobile interfaces. This adaptability and versatility allowed clients to effectively reach their target audiences across various platforms and channels.

Throughout my internship, I had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of businesses, including BoKu Superfoods, Smith Entertainment Law Group, Excelsior Preschool, and Echelon Business Development Network. By collaborating closely with these clients, I understood their unique needs and objectives, translating them into impactful design solutions that resonated with their audiences and furthered their business objectives.

My time at 5D Spectrum provided me with invaluable experience, honing both my technical and design skills while nurturing my ability to work effectively within a team. By contributing to the success of various clients, I gained a deeper appreciation for the intersection of design and business and how thoughtful and strategic design can positively influence a company's growth and reputation.

BoKu Superfood: Style Guide

BoKu Cafe + Superfoods: Mobile Mockups

BoKu Cafe + Superfoods: Mobile Mockups

BoKu Cafe + Superfoods: Style Guide

Excelsior Education: Style Guide