I'm Chanel, a passionate and versatile creative professional dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and design to create captivating experiences. With a rich background in design, programming, and project management, I thrive in transforming ideas into tangible results.

My journey in the realm of creativity has led me to spearhead projects that blend innovation with functionality, from multimedia campaigns that captivate audiences to crafting immersive brand identities that resonate deeply. Through my work, I strive to not only meet objectives but to exceed them, infusing every project with creativity, strategy, and a commitment to excellence.

With a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science - Media Arts under my belt, I approach each project with a holistic understanding of both the technical and creative aspects, ensuring a seamless integration of form and function.

Join me on this voyage of creativity, where innovation meets imagination!



Self-motivated, detail-oriented, and adaptable; thrives in a fast-paced environment by effectively collaborating with all levels of employees; demonstrates excellent verbal and written communication skills, effective time management skills and analytical, results-driven problem-solving skills.


Adobe CC (Illustrator, Photoshop, After Eects, InDesign, XD), Figma, Canva, Webflow, Shopify, WordPress, Autodesk Maya, Blender, Unity, OBS Studio


JavaScript, Python, C#, CSS, HTML, VBA, TouchDesigner

Project Management Tools

Microsoft Oce, Google Suite, GitHub, Jira, Mailchimp, iMis, Asana, Slack